Florida's climate is very unique when compared to the climate of any other state. Our climate will take its toll on anything that spends much time outside.

Take patio furniture for example: In most areas of our country wrought iron, wicker, rattan and wood are used to make beautiful, long lasting outdoor furniture. In Florida's warm wet climate furniture made from these materials can be a recipe for disaster.

There are manufacturers of patio furniture whose factories are in Florida and whose products are designed to withstand the harsh Florida climate.

Three mistakes to avoid
...when purchasing outdoor furniture.

Mistake #1... wood or wood based products like rattan wicker or redwood make beautiful furniture that is very durable in many climates. In Florida's year round humidity these products may absorb moisture and deteriorate rapidly.

Solution: There are several new products such as Fiberglass wicker, Polyethylene wicker and Fluted PVC. These types of furniture have similar appearances to traditional wood products but are much lower maintenance and longer lasting.

Mistake #2... Wrought iron and painted steel furniture can provide a traditional look or contemporary styling and is usually inexpensive. What seems like a great deal at first may turn into a rusty mess in as little as 90 days.

Solution: Avoid steel and iron - Cast aluminum looks very much like wrought iron but will never rust. Tubular aluminum furniture offers the same contemporary look as steel but requires virtually no maintenance and will not rust.

Mistake #3... High gloss smooth finishes on frames will show any imperfection and dirt.

Solution: On aluminum furniture order matte or textured finish. On PVC furniture order fluted finish. This will show fewer imperfections and require much less cleaning.

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